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Community Data Internships

BroadStreet is proud to host a team of over 200 volunteers from around the world. Our volunteer network of interns past and present is 1700 strong and growing.

Currently Recruiting for 2 Tracks:

About Internships


We are looking for volunteers who are interested in data for the public good. A love and appreciation of data is required. Honestly, if you don’t like spreadsheets, this probably is not the internship for you.




This is a 14-week, unpaid volunteer internship. 

Estimated time commitment is 5 to 10 hours per week (Total hours = 70 to 140).

Interested interns will have the option to extend the time of their internship at BroadStreet.

How to Join

All skill-levels are welcome to apply. We have 5 cohorts a year that begin immediately after the Orientation Webinar. Please select your preferred track and reserve a spot in the Orientation Webinar during the month when you wish to start. There is a non-refundable application fee which covers: (1) your basic tech fee and (2) a donation to The Community Health Index Fund.



Our application process is unique and surprisingly straightforward. We do not filter out candidates or conduct interviews. The true screening process occurs in the first 10-days of the internship. All volunteers who meet milestones within the first 10 days are invited to join a team and become an official intern at BroadStreet.

The BroadStreet Community Data Internships are a great place to gain experience for future employment. The Internships are run by volunteers for volunteers. Since everyone is a volunteer, this internship should not be considered a path to paid employment at BroadStreet. See FAQs below for additional information for international students and those seeking course credit.


Learning Objectives

​By the end of 14-weeks, all interns will have 

  1. Gained career-ready skills while solving real-world health challenges using a data-guided approach.

  2. Created shareable data visualizations for your work portfolio.

  3. Built professional experiences in a remote/virtual, global work environment.

  4. Connected with teammates from around the world and expanded professional networks.

  5. Learned how to troubleshoot challenges, overcome roadblocks, and achieve goals. 

How to Join


Different tracks begin at different times of the year.

Step 1. Select the track that aligns best with your career goals.

Step 2. Select the month you hope to join.

Step 3. Reserve your spot by registering for the Orientation Webinar for your selected track and month. This includes paying a non-refundable application fee.


Please Note: Applying and reserving a spot does not guarantee that you will become an intern. All applicants must meet milestones of the first 10-days to officially join as an intern. In order to successfully complete the internship, activity milestones must also be met. 

Wonder Track
Maternal & Infant Health Track
  • How do I get started?
    Please start by selecting a track that suits your career goals. We have 5 cohorts a year but tracks are only offered a few times a year. Once the best track is selected, then choose your starting date. Please "Reserve A Spot" by paying your application fee and registering for the Orientation Webinar on the month you wish to start.
  • How do I know which track to join?
    We recommend reviewing each track and aligning what you will learn to your career goals.
  • Can I use BroadStreet for course credit for my school or university?
    Questions for you: Does your school or university offer credit hours for volunteer or work experiences? Does your degree have a graduation requirement for an internship, practicum, or work experience? If you answered yes to either question above, it is possible that BroadStreet will fulfill your university's requirements. BroadStreet has been utilized by over 300 undergraduate and graduate students to fulfill degree requirements and/or to get extra credit hours for volunteerism. Hours needed. Do you need more than 100 hours? If so, it is possible to extend your time at BroadStreet as long as you are an intern in good standing (active, meeting milestones, etc.). We estimate that interns will get 5-10 hours a week so please allow yourself enough time. We encourage interns who are staying beyond 14-weeks to take on leadership roles and/or more advanced or applied analytic positions.
  • Can International Student studying in the U.S. use this internship for CPT or OPT?
    Are you needing CPT or OPT? CPT - Many international students join BroadStreet and use it for CPT. If you join the internship and make it through the milestones of the onboarding process within the first 10 days, we will give you an offer letter which has information that will be important for CPT. Please consult your University's International Student Office for more official information regarding CPT requirements. OPT - Unfortunately, we do not recommend becoming a BroadStreet intern to fulfill OPT. OPT requires over 20 hours a week. We can verify 5-10 hours a week only.
  • I have paperwork for you to sign, where do I send that?
    Please do not send us paperwork. We cannot verify internship status or complete paperwork before day 10 of the internship. Why? We have a unique onboarding process here at BroadStreet. We do not conduct interviews or pre-screen applicants. Instead, applicants sign up for the month they hope to join and we see how everyone does in the first 10 days of the internship. No one is officially an intern until day 10 and not everyone gets in. Please email if you have additional questions.
  • Is the non-refundable application fee for everyone?
    Yes. The BroadStreet Community Data Internships were created for interns by interns. Our intern-led steering committee voted to have an application fee for three reasons: (1) To manage a large number of applicants. We hope that only the most interested applicants will apply. (2) To cover basic tech fees (Slack, Zoom, Google Drive, our HR management software called Airtable) (3) To provide seed funding to our Community Index Fund. Throughout the year, we would like to donate and support other non-profit organizations across the U.S. doing evidence-based work in areas of high opportunity. If you are living outside of the U.S. and/or your family is earning in a different currency that does not have a good exchange rate with the U.S. dollar, please let us know. While we will not waive or reduce the application fee, this is important information. We will gather this information and may change our policy in the future. Email:
  • Can I do this internship while I have a full time job?
    The short answer is that it depends on your job. All BroadStreet internships are designed to be flexible and most of the work is asynchronous. Interns need enough time and energy to learn and interns who have time in their schedule to attend team meetings and meet colleagues definitely get the most out of their experience.

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